Your new skincare savior. Here's Why.

11 December, 2019

CBD is your skincare savior. Here's why.

Published by Glowdust Beauty

CBD Oil For Skin

There’s nothing like looking into a mirror with a clear, glowing complexion. You know…that feeling you get when a blemish-free face stares back at you, brightens your mood and gives you that self-confidence to start your weekend right! But we’re all human so there’s also those days when that face looking back at you is dry, patchy, and blemished (ugh). It may be because it’s that time of month, makeup reaction, sugary diet, or simply stress.

So Why is Skin Health so Important?

It’s nature’s way of making a first impression. The first thing we notice when we meet someone is their skin. In case you didn’t know, the skin is your biggest organ. Since it’s so visible, skin health really explains a lot about a person. First and foremost, the epidermis (nice science word for skin) may tell you about the condition of a person’s health, such as her immune system, her diet, or even her emotional well-being. Basically a TON of pressure on a first date…and THAT’S before you even say one word!

Studies looking at facial attractiveness have shown that a clear, healthy glowing face is an important trait for desirability. In the lens of evolutionary science (caveman talk), desirability equates to the fittest partner which often means somebody with healthy looking skin. An aid to healthier skin may lie in CBD, specifically CBD for women consumers who love their makeup. You see, when you put on makeup, you’re like an artist painting her face (Picasso watch out) and ask any artist and they’ll tell you that having a beautiful, blank canvas is step number 1!

CBD Skincare

            While CBD is now embraced by mainstream culture to help a variety of issues from anxiety and depression to epilepsy, the benefits of CBD for skin has only recently been explored and therefore understated. There are four CBD skin benefits worth considering: fighting inflammation, preventing skin damage, reducing acne, and anti-aging.

CBD as an Anti-inflammatory

One of the benefits of CBD for skin is its ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is basically your body telling you that there is an ongoing fight between your immune system and a foreign invader or microbe (btw, wash your hands often). One visible sign of skin inflammation is the appearance of rashes. These rashes may be smooth, scaly or raw and turn into pimples. Under the microscope, CBD attaches itself to the skin protein and this binding actually helps block skin inflammation.

CBD Antioxidant Fights Skin Damage

Another CBD benefit is the reduction of skin damage. Our bodies react to internal and external toxins. Examples of external toxins are pollutants (that LA smog), sun exposure, or secondhand smoking.

Meanwhile, the popularity of food containing large amounts of antioxidants is no accident. Have you ever wondered, “Why is everything that tastes amazing so bad for me?” Trust us, we agree. That said, sugar and greasy foods are loaded with free radicals (nasty little buggers) that can disrupt skin repair and create inflammation. Luckily, antioxidants fight these free radicals, for which CBD contains tons of.

CBD and Acne

One of the benefits of CBD for the face is to prevent out-of-control acne breakouts. There’s a reason why those TV ads about acne treatment repeatedly mention oily skin. It’s because acne develops when too much oil and dead skin get trapped in the hair follicles. We all secrete this oil also known as sebum. Luckily, CBD helps control the level of sebum being produced, thereby minimizing the chance of this oily build-up. If you are prone to acne, less oil means less pimples!

CBD and Anti-Aging

Collagen is a protein that makes our skin firm and elastic. As we get older (meaning 18 and above), your collagen levels start to decline. What’s more, overexposure to sun, drinking alcohol and smoking speeds up this decline of the very thing that helps our skin look smooth, tight, and glowing. When collagen levels fall, the most noticeable change to our skin is wrinkling (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!). Or in the case of too much sun, drinking or smoking, it is the appearance of brown spots. Fortunately, one CBD skin benefit is its ability to counter the harmful free radicals (again with these guys!) that slow collagen production. In other words, CBD treatment can help slow the signs of aging and maintain that youthful look that you need, weekend after weekend.

CBD Face mask

Originating from South Korea and its global, cosmetic movement known as K-Beauty, face masks have taken the world by storm. Typically, face masks are disposable, face-shaped films soaked in a liquid serum. It’s a ‘one-time’ disposable film that is applied to the face for a short period of time just long enough for the serum to do it’s thing.

But the important part is the serum! Glowdust’s CBD face masks are specifically infused with premium-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil in addition to the many other active ingredients that are specifically formulated to help you look as perfect on the outside as you are inside. Take a look here to learn more! (link to product collection page)

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